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Rockland Lake
299 Rockland Lake Rd., , Valley Cottage, NY 10989 United States
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Women’s Distance Festival 5K

Rockland’s #1 Women’s Only Race!

For over 30 years, the Women’s Distance Festival 5K has been the only women’s running or walking event in Rockland County. Ladies, this is YOUR race – so come join us for the 33rd Annual Women’s Distance Festival on Saturday July 11th, as we unite in our goal of 1000 women and girls strong. This race is presented by Rockland Road Runners and as always the proceeds will benefit the Center for Safety and Change.

Race Info:

The course is a scenic USATF certified lakeside loop, flat, fast and fun! Awards to the first three finishers overall and age groups 13 and under to 70+. Also Mother/Daughter and Sister/Sister categories (runners only). Trophies awarded to #1 overall finisher in 5K run, #1 overall walk finisher, and #1 team champs.

Overall winners of BOTH the run and the walk will receive $100.

Kid’s Fun Run at 7:30AM before event at 8:00am sharp. T-Shirts guaranteed to the first 1000 registrants.


USATF Certification #NY05017AM

Race Day Schedule


  • 6:30am – Race check-in begins
  • 7:20am – Last check-in for kids’ fun runs
  • 7:30am – Kids’ Fun Run begins
  • 7:40am – Warm-Up
  • 7:45am – Last check-in for 5K
  • 8:00am – 5K and walk begin
  • 8:55am – Awards Ceremony

Note: Arrive before 8:00AM to avoid NYS Park imposed parking fees.

Advance Signup & Packet Pick-Up

As always, we will be providing advance race packet pick-up (race number, T-shirt and goodie bag) as well as another opportunity to sign up for the race:
Friday, July 12, 2019 – 12:00 – 8:00 PM at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Palisades Center Mall.

For our younger viewers

As in the past, the kids run will be free. These races are really catching on and are a lot of fun. The runs are just a few hundred yards, but they are a joy to watch and they happen within a short enough time of the 5K race that there isn’t a lot of hanging around involved.

All other details…

Questions regarding the whys and wherefores of a woman’s race or racing in general (should you be a first-timer) can be found on our FAQ page. To contact us via email, click here.

Hopefully YOU will be found toeing our starting line on July 13th. As you know we welcome runners and walkers, one and all. We are really looking forward to seeing you there!


5K Race – RRR members until July 8: $25.00
5K Race – non-RRR members, until July 8: $30.00
5K Race – Ages 19 and under, and 60+ until July 8: $25.00
Team entries – 5 or more entrants per team ($25.00 p/p entry fee applies to teams of 5 or more. See online registration for complete team info.)
– Scoring is based on top 3 runners from each team.
Mom – Daughter, Grandma – Granddaughter or Sister – Sister team (runners only)
$50.00 at least one RRR member – $60.00 non-members
From July 8 to race day, fee is $40 for all. No exceptions.


Special Rates

(Pre-registration only!) We have a very popular flat student rate of $25.00 for participants who are 19 and under. And for the not-quite-so-young we have the same $25.00 rate for participants aged 60+.

  • Make checks payable to Rockland Road Runners
  • Mail to RRR-Women’s Distance Festival, Box 435, Congers, NY 10920
  • Due to NYS Park regulations, a parking fee is charged after 8:00am
  • RRR’s insurance policy prohibits use of strollers, headphones or skates in the race

All proceeds of this event will benefit:


  • FAQ

    Answers to a few of the questions we hear most often…

    Why is the race always held on a Saturday?
    Given the pick of Saturday or Sunday, we realize that either choice involves losing participants for various reasons. This race has always been held on a Saturday and we feel we should be consistent. If you feel strongly about this please let us know.

    Why is it a women only race? Isn’t it about time you included men?
    There are two issues for us here. One is that the race receives some sponsorship on the basis that it is for women only. Remember all proceeds from the race go to benefit the Center for Safety and Change (formerly Rockland Family Shelter) and we want to raise as much for them as we can.

    We also feel that it is still important to offer our competitors the chance to be “The Winner” rather than the “First Woman” especially since women are often short-changed in media coverage of other races.

    Couldn’t you just have a men’s fun run after the women’s race?
    This has been asked many times. First, there would be significant administrative problems. By the time the run/walk is over at about 8:45, it’s a bit late to start a race in mid-July. In addition, we would need several more experienced volunteers to handle another race, even without official timing.

    We also feel any simultaneous or additional event which would include men would detract from that day’s celebration of women. Women deserve to enjoy their race on their morning – and the guys are welcome to cheer or volunteer or both.

    Well, do you want to know what I think?
    Yes we do! Just click here to send us a message.

  • Honor Roll

    Finishing Times Under 19:00

    Name Place Year Time Age Group
    Donna Combs 1st 1993 16:05 25
    Gillian Beschloss 2nd 1993 17:04 34
    Donna Combs 1st 1992 17:05 24
    Milka Jepchirchir 1st 1999 17:07 21
    Katie Bologa 2nd 1999 17:12 25
    Martina Hoppe 2nd 1992 17:18 20
    Grace Kahura 1st 2014 17:21 20-29
    Shelby Greany 1st 2009 17:22 1-19
    Anne Leary 3rd 1993 17:22 n/a
    Shelby Greany 1st 2011 17:23 20-29
    Sheila Casey 2nd 2009 17:25 40-49
    Shelby Goose (Greany) 1st 2018 17:26 20-29
    Ana Rios 4th 1993 17:28 30-34
    Janice Morra 1st 1989 17:30 30
    Lori Jorgensen 1st 1991 17:30 32
    Janice Morra 3rd 1992 17:35 33
    Julie Mintz 4th 1989 17:39 25
    Janice Morra 1st 1990 17:39 31
    Salome Kosgei 1st 2015 17:44 34
    Janice Morra 1st 1996 17:51 37
    Barbara Remmers 1st 1998 17:51 34
    Caroline Pennacchio 2nd 2015 17:54 17
    Jennifer Reda 4th 1993 17:54 20-24
    Katie Guarracino 2nd 1998 17:57 24
    Katie Bologa 1st 2004 17:58 n/a
    Alissa Henning 4th 1992 18:01 24
    Julianne Littman 2nd 2004 18:08 27
    Kathleen Amato 5th 1992 18:12 26
    Claudia Porfilio 6th 1993 18:12 25-29
    Rita Keahon 7th 1993 18:13 28
    Shelby Greany 1st 2008 18:15 17
    Julie Lemmond 3rd 1998 18:16 31
    Sheila Casey 2nd 2011 18:16 40-49
    Jan Vermilye 2nd 1991 18:17 42
    Rita Keahon 6th 1992 18:17 27
    Caitrin Demchko 3rd 2015 18:19 25
    Natalie Tanner 4th 2015 18:19 20
    Linda Higgins 1st 1997 18:20 30
    Charlotte Rizzo 1st 2006 18:20 43
    Linda Higgins 2nd 1989 18:21 26
    Katie Guarracino 2nd 1997 18:25 23
    Caroline Pennacchio 2nd 2014 18:25 1-19
    Jean Velasquez 4th 1998 18:27 35
    Julianne Viscardo 5th 2015 18:28 35-39
    Sandra Natal 8th 1993 18:28 30-34
    Jill Vollweiller 3rd 1997 18:28 25-29
    Lauren Tushband 3rd 2004 18:29 n/a
    Shelby Greany 1st 2005 18:31 14
    Sheila Casey 2nd 2008 18:31 35-39
    Caitrin Demchko 3rd 2014 18:31 20-29
    Shelby Greany 2nd 2006 18:33 15
    Patti Zoda 3rd 1989 18:34 18
    Alyson Homko 3rd 1991 18:34 0
    Cathleen Ford 3rd 2006 18:35 n/a
    Kelly Thompson 4th 2006 18:35 29
    Libby Lazare 4th 2014 18:35 20-29
    Grace Behrens 2nd 2005 18:38 38
    Janice Morra 3rd 1999 18:39 40
    Tara Maquire 5th 2006 18:41 35
    Nicolette Nesi 6th 2015 18:43 20-24
    Shelby Greany 1st 2007 18:45 16
    Sheila Casey 5th 2014 18:45 40-49
    Debbie Adams 2nd 1990 18:46 43
    Linda Higgins 2nd 1996 18:46 29
    Sue Yockelson 9th 1993 18:47 30-34
    Erin Haugh 4th 1999 18:51 19
    Caitrin Demchko 1st 2013 18:52 20-29
    Jacqueline Shapiro 10th 1993 18:52 n/a
    Charlotte Rizzo 2nd 2007 18:53 45
    Peggy Caffrey-Neil 1st 2002 18:54 29
    Heidi Everett-Powers 1st 2003 18:54 26
    Jamie Lord 7th 2015 18:56 19
    Jan Vermilye 7th 1992 18:57 43
    Christina Nooney 5th 1998 18:57 32
    Kelly Thompson 1st 2010 18:58 30-39
    Libby Lazare 8th 2015 18:59 20-24

    Age Group Records

    Shelby Greany 2005 18:31 14 & under
    Caroline Pennacchio 2015 17:54 15-19
    Donna Combs 1992 17:05 20-24
    Donna Combs 1993 16:05 25-29
    Gillian Beschloss 1993 17:04 30-34
    Janice Morra 1996 17:51 35-39
    Sheila Casey 2011 18:16 40-49
    Anna Thornhill 1999 20:31 50-59
    Toshiko D’Elia 1996 22:40 60-69
    Toshiko D’Elia 2003 26:22 70+
    Muriel Merl 2006 34:15 80+

    Phrase Contest Winners

    Year Phrase Name
    2018 “She believed she could so she did” Amanda Trigg
    2017 “Rise up, Never Look Back” Stacey Belhumer
    2016 “Strength comes from within, show them what you are made of” Charlene Labenda
    2015 “If it does not Challenge you, it does not change you” Kathy Payne
    2014 “I run like a girl, try to keep up” Claudia Cohen-shirt designer

    Hall of Fame – How do I qualify?

    All you have to do is run or walk with us three times or more – you must show up on race day – an entry isn’t enough. We have put together this list of those who we know qualified by participating in 3 out of the past 4 years. However – we do not have information on: Walkers who have been with us on race day before 2005, or those who have participated in any of the years prior to 1998. So – if you know you should be on this list – and we know there are quite a number of you, please send us an email and we’ll be very happy to add your name. (We will never pass your email address on to anyone – so no need to worry about that.) Current inductees in the Hallowed Hall:

    Stephanie Kearney Connie Kearney Carissa Coslit
    Caroline Pennacchio Dawn Brega Tracy Ward
    Gail Cirlin-Lazerus Lisa Rosenfeld Laura Parisi
    Leslie Kogan Kerry Villamil Kristen Lowenwirth-Farrell
    Maureen Holmes Angela Hanson Maria Rodd
    Norma Canals Toni Bracconeri Di Li Yang
    Suzanne Bernstein Patti Gindoff Ann Marie Smith
    Gail Machado Eileen Hickey Mylene Smith
    Amy Wiener Charlene Labenda Mercedes Kent
    Lindsay Gross Carmel Reilly Sophia Fernandez
    Julie Wendholt Kim Molke Melissa Sorce Denicola
    Madison Holland Sue Theise Juliene Bell-Smith
    Grace Fattal Mary Pat Wolff Suzanne Wexler
    Trudy Album Enilda Indyk Jessica Romaniuk
    Harriet Allen Cheryl Kalter-Schloss Ellie Salmon
    Vidya Bhat Julie Kassel Mary Scanlon
    Jean Bolton Kathy Kellogg Patricia Scanlon
    Kate Bolton Teresa Kenny Susan Schwartz
    Eileen Broderick Marie Killeen Pat Sheehan
    Peggy Caffrey-Neil Debbie Larison Lauri Sylvester
    Mary Collins Kerry Martarano Harriet Teplitzky
    Sheila Conklin Eileen McCabe Lisa Thielman
    Kathleen Daly Ann McGrath Carole Tondi
    Heather Douglas Liz Miedowski Susan Theise
    Barbara Druckman Janice Morra Gladys Velazquez
    Alexandra Finger Lorraine Nizzardini Kathleen Veralli
    Sherri Goffman Barbara Noyes Robbin Vinson
    Margie Goldstein Anne Oakley Liz Vonwurmb
    Diane Grammerstorf Marcia Polish Lorraine Waitman
    JoAnn Hodges Christinge Ritenis Jaime Whitehurst
    Patricia Howell Myrna Rivera Pamela Wild
    Margot Malin Marilyn Gambardella Evelyn Stewart
    Shelby Greany Sheila Casey Laura DiMarino
    Debbie Brathwaite Casey Kohut Ann Mitlof
    Amy Stern Liz Heneghan Kim Chalfin
    Jennifer Nicoll Sabrina Greco Kate Tormey
    Shannon Kay Veronica Kay Suzy Trainor
    Julie Trainor Ann Smith Ginger (Virginia) Rocchio
    Barbara Willen-Graham Ciarra Jersey Renee Pereira-Jersey
    Colleen Dudek Toni Bracconeri Anne Nissen

    25 Club: Teams with 25 or more members

    Team Number of Members Year
    The Academy for Martial Arts 104 2019
    Jersey Women Strong 92 2017
    ML Faves for Good/Nyack Boot Camp 81 2019
    ML Faves for Good 79 2018
    Jersey Women Strong 78 2018
    #MLFaves@MariaLuisa 74 2017
    Jersey Women Strong 64 2019
    The Academy For Martial Arts 62 2018
    Ride Cycling Studio 58 2019
    Rockland Road Runners 45 2018
    Retro Fitness of Tappan/Pearl River 44 2017
    Rockland Road Runners 41 2017
    Van Cortlandt Track Club 40 2017
    Fitness 450 34 2018
    Personal Best Race Training 33 2018
    She Runs This Town – Orangetown 33 2018
    Just Us Girls 32 2017
    OrangeTheory Fitness Femmes 30 2018
    Rockland Business Women’s Network 27 2017
    Personal Best Race Training 26 2019
    Rockland Women’s Business Network 25 2019

    Honorary Race Director Club

    Cheryl Kalter-Schloss and Ann McGrath-Angarola — founding Race Directors: 1988-1993
    Larry Wolf — co-director 2005 and 2006 and Director 2007-2012 — 8 years of dedicated leadership
  • Sponsorship

    How Can I Become A Sponsor?

    This page is for those of you who might be interested in sponsoring our race and the Center for Safety and Change (formerly Rockland Family Shelter), but are not really sure what sponsorship involves. We have three main levels of sponsorship as follows – all contributions are tax deductible.

    Gold: $750

    Company name on mile marker prominently displayed on race course
    Prominent positioning of company name on race application
    Placement of insert/flyer in race packet
    Banner displayed at race (must be provided by company)
    Acknowledgement during event
    Company name on race website
    Opportunity to set up display table for self promotion (must provide own table)
    Six complimentary race registrations, plus six complimentary technical race tee shirts

    Silver: $500

    Prominent positioning of company name on race application
    Placement of insert/flyer in race packet
    Banner displayed at race (must be provided by company)
    Acknowledgement during event
    Company name on race website
    Opportunity to set up display table for self promotion (must provide own table)
    Four complimentary race registrations, plus four complimentary technical race tee shirts

    Bronze: $250

    Prominent positioning of company name on race application
    Placement of insert/flyer in race packet
    Acknowledgement during event
    Company name on race website
    Two complimentary race registrations, plus two complimentary technical race tee shirts

    Winner’s Cup: $1000.

    Same benefits as GOLD – Winner’s Cup named after your company

    Finish Line Sponsor:

    Same benefits as GOLD – Company name and logo on finish line banner

    Click for sponsorship form

    For more information, contact race director Michael Seidenfrau


July 11
8:00 am - 10:00 am
Event Category:
Mike & Carissa Seidenfrau

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