Rockland Road Runners
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Sunday, April 19, 2015 - 8:30 AM

Half Marathon Course Map: [click here for 5K map]

Hook Map

Course description:

• Start near Rockland Lake North Pavilion (adjacent to North parking lot).
• Course follows inner loop of lake path, in a clockwise direction.
• After nearly a full loop, course doubles back onto outer roadway.
• Continue counter-clockwise on outer roadway to Firehouse.
• Proceed down "The Hook" to path along river.
• Course turns south along the river to Nyack Beach toll booth and returns.
• Go back up "The Hook" and return on outer road toward South parking area.
• After South Pavilion, return to inner loop in a counter-clockwise direction.
• One-half loop of lake path. Finish in front of North Pavilion.


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