Race Report by Jamie Kempton

We had a small but hardy turnout of RRR masters at the 2016 Master’s Race. The course was tough, extremely hilly, but the weather cooperated and host Westchester TC provided hero sandwich wedges, salad, cookies and beverages for the party afterward, supplemented by some individual dishes brought by participants including Enilda’s famous, delicious zucchini bread.

There were only 52 total finishers, quite a bit lower than previous years.

Voytek was the top finisher for RRR, placing fourth overall. Mary Pat Wolff was our top female.

Patrick McCarthy of Westchester TC won for the sixth time in nine years, completing the difficult course in 18:49. Suzanne LaBurt of Taconic RR took the women’s crown and finished sixth overall.

Taconic RR swept the team categories. There was one combined women’s division since there were not enough women to divide it into 40+, 50+ and 60+.

Team scores:

Men’s 40+ (5 scorers): 1. Taconic RR, 31; 2. Westchester TC, 37; 3. RRR, 100
Women’s combined: 1. Taconic RR, 71; 2. RRR, 145. (Westchester TC, insufficient scorers)
Men’s 50+: 1. Taconic RR, 17; 2. Westchester TC, 31; 3. RRR, 58
Men’s 60+: 1. Taconic RR, 56; 2. Westchester TC, 107. (RRR, insufficient scorers)