The RRR Kids Program is back! We will help your kids stay active and engaged!

RRR Kids will not be able to host our regular track and race program this summer primarily due to a lack of resources.

We are hoping for a return summer 2024!!! We will however be hosting and announcing a number of fun activities throughout the summer to be a part of so be on the lookout for that! 

Kids are natural runners, whether they’re accompanying you on a run or participating on an organized team or school program. They require care at each step of their development. From the right shoes, correct form and structured training, having the proper instruction at an early age is essential. To ensure that they remain life-long runners requires support, encouragement and guidance. Fulfilling the potential of young athletes depends on a balanced approach to training and careful planning.

RRR Kids uses a team-based philosophy to help kids learn valuable lessons about how to set goals and make being active part of their daily lives. With the help of our coaches and members, kids will learn the fundamentals of running (at various age- appropriate distances) while having fun. The RRR Kids program is designed for children of all fitness levels in grades K-8.

How to Enroll for the RRR Kids Events:

Summer 2022 Kids Program – Projected Schedule

Workouts begin at 6:00PM SHARP. We suggest arriving about 15 minutes early.
(Schedule subject to change)

*Workouts may be adjusted for individuals based on age, ability, etc.
*Proper attire required (e.g., tee shirt, athletic shorts and sneakers) and water is recommended. Workouts may be cancelled based on weather, you can check for updates on our Facebook Page and on Twitter @RRRcoaches.

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