Every year, Rockland Road Runners recognizes members that rise above the rest. Our annual awards ceremony takes place at our January General Meeting.


The inaugural “Person of the Year” award winner was RRR’s first official coach, Walter Johnston. He was selected by a committee in 1986, and an annual tradition was born. In 1990, it was renamed the “Person of the Year – Don Cordisco Award”, named in honor and in memory of a well-loved and popular member of the club. Don was described as, “…an accomplished runner and triathlete, whose love for running was second only to his love for his family.” In 1998, the club officially dropped the “Person of the Year” title, because the award had evolved into a recognition of longtime contribution and service to the RRR, rather than just one year. Today, the “Don Cordisco Award” is the most prestigious award presented by the club, annually chosen by a committee of previous winners who are still active club members.

Year Winner
1986 Walter Johnston
1987 Mike Angarola
1988 Ann McGrath
1989 Adi Steingraber
1990 Mike Angarola
1991 Joyce Magee
1992 Donald Leider
1993 Bernie Casserly
1994 Sue Hale
1995 Mike Shore
1996 Dennis Rankin
1997 Jim Hyland
1998 Larry Wolf
1999 Kathleen Daly
2000 not awarded
2001 Marie Killeen
2002 Art Reilly
2003 Fred Turk
2004 Mike Greco
2005 Enilda Indyk
2006 Rich Tinger
2007 Bernie Casserly
2008 Ann & John Singer
2009 Alison Luscher
2010 Jamie Kempton
2011 John Melican & Frank Dickinson
2012 Jesse Hackell
2013 Dave Goldwasser
2014 Bill Carpenter
2015 Jonathan Farrell
2016 Tony Maulucci
2017 Mike Seidenfrau
2018 Tom Gannon
2019 Laura DiMario
2020 Gail Cirlin-Lazerus


The most prestigious Rockland Road Runners (RRR) award is given to a person who the RRR Board of Directors believe exemplifies the spirit of the RRR and who has made long-time and significant contributions to the success and functioning of the RRR. Further this award is intended to recognize an individual RRR member that has been a steadfast supporter of the RRR purpose in all aspects, including running, philanthropy, volunteering at RRR events, exhibiting leadership and representing a positive image of the RRR.

Year Winner
2017 Marie Killeen
2018 Not Awarded
2019 Not Awarded
2020 Mike Angarola


In 1996, George Wodicka, also affectionately referred to as “the Guru of Rockland Lake”, was presented with a plaque which read, “For Continuing Inspiration and Motivation to All Runners”. The Runaround newsletter at the time said, “George delights in talking to new runners about running, and fueling their enthusiasm for the sport.” “George was a mentor to many RRR members, was our sport’s premier cheerleader, spokesman, and it’s most savvy observer.” The George Wodicka Inspiration Award was revived in 2001, and is presented to the club member who best exemplifies the qualities that inspire and motivate those around them to keep running, and persevere against all odds.

Year Winner
1996 George Wodicka
2001 Laurie Goldin
2002 Bill Fortune
2003 Marie “Grandma” Killeen
2004 John Melican
2005 Ann & John Singer
2006 Steve Borton
2007 Dave Fernandez
2008 Dave Goldwasser
2009 Alexandra Finger
2010 John Melican
2011 Laura DiMarino
2012 JC Santa Teresa
2013 Rich Fernandez
2014 Wojtek “VT” Cieszkowski
2015 Jamie Kempton
2016 Mike Seidenfrau
2017 Alyssa Holland
Gail Cirlin-Lazerus
Jamie Kempton
Jesse Hackell
2018 Ayako MacKenzie
2019 Michael Nusblat
2020 Katy Sanchez


This award is selected by a committee of the club’s race directors and board members. It is presented to the club member who stands out by consistently exhibiting a strong commitment toward volunteering and working at club races and events throughout the year.

Year Winner
1998 John & Ann Singer
1999 Sue Theise
2000 Mark Greco
2001 Joan Maher
2002 Nicole Olds
2003 Enilda Indyk
2004 Frank Dickinson
2005 Ernest Joseph
2006 Cheryl Langus
2007 Jerry Sun
2008 Alison Luscher
2009 Dan Hogan
2010 David and Claudia Cohen
2011 Jesse Hackell
2012 Larry Wolf
2013 Kathleen Daly
2014 Jamie Mitrani & Cliff Fromm
2015 Patty Ciardullo
2016 Tom Gannon
2017 Bernie Casserly
2018 Rich Fernandez
2019 Jonathan Farrell
2020 Becky Thurn


In 2008, the club added a new award, and presented it to two valuable members of Team RRR. These runners must take part in competitive NYRR races for Team RRR throughout the year and bring with them the team spirit, and competitive edge that makes them assets to our team.

Year Female Winner Male Winner
2008 Female: Sheila Casey Male: Michael Nusblat
2009 Female: Josephine Patten Male: Bernard Patten
2010 Female: Marie Killeen Male: John Singer
2011 Female: Barbara Paer Male: Narcis Aron
2012 Not awarded
2013 Female: Elizabeth Apicella Male: Russell Flax
2014 Female: Ayako Yamazaki Male: Bruce Yang
2015 Female: Patricia Kutner Fiume Male: Ed Brown
2016 Female: Gail Cirlin-Lazerus Male: Benny Kim
2017 Female: Barbara Paer Male: Clayton Combe
2018 Female: Lauren Gray Male: Eric Schatz
2019 Female: Tara Estevez Male: Erik Lazerus
2020 Not Awarded


This national achievement award recognizes long-term contributions of service to the club and the running community. To be eligible for this award, a member must have contributed at least 2000 hours of volunteer service to their club.

Year Winners
2003 Joyce Magee and Art Reilly
2004 Sue Hale and Mike Angarola
2005 Bernie Casserly and Jamie Kempton
2006 Kathleen Daly, Larry Wolf, Alison and Brian Luscher
2007 Ann McGrath Angarola and Frank Dickinson
2008 Enilda Indyk, Mike Greco and John Melican
2009 Marie Killeen, Fred Turk and Becky Thurn
2013 Bill Carpenter and Laura DiMarino