by: Jamie Kempton

The RRR Summer Track program wrapped up another successful campaign with the season-ending 3-mile time trial on August 29 at the Nanuet High School track. Just like the opening 3-miler on May 2, the thermometer climbed to 90-plus degrees on the day of the trial, but that did not stop our hardy band of runners from giving it their all in completing the 12 laps (4,800 meters).

Voytek “VT” Cieszkowski reprised his winning effort from the first time trial, scorching a 6-minute last mile to cross the finish line first in 19:01, followed in hot pursuit by training partner Paul Serra in 19:03. VT improved his time from the May 2 season-opener by an impressive 37 seconds. Ayako Yamakazi, a mere nine months after the birth of baby boy Alexander, again placed first among the women participants with a clocking of 22:57. Husband John MacKenzie, RRR’s immediate past president, earns special kudos for dashing off a 21:50 performance while pushing Alexander in the baby carriage. Talk about a family affair!

The premise for the bookend time trials was to gauge your improvement during the 18-week program. Thanks to the following folks who participated in both the May 2 and August 29 runs: VT, Ayako, Alister, Jonas*, Bruce, Howard, Narcis, Ashley, Matt, Michelle, Danny, Dave, Angela and Tracy.

Although our workout venue shifted this year to Nanuet H.S. from Pearl River H.S., VT again hosted an end-of-season cookout at his home, a stone’s throw from the Pearl River track (which is under reconstruction). VT and family served up a veritable feast including their legendary kielbasa, Polish beer and an awe-inspiring dessert menu. Thanks VT!

Hope to see you all next summer for another season of track merriment!

*Note—Jonas Bueno arrived late but completed the 12 laps in 25:18. Nice job, Jonas!

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RRR 3-Mile Time Trial
August 29, 2018
@Nanuet H.S.

1. Voytek “VT” Cieszkowski 19:01

2. Paul Serra 19:03

3. Chris 21:02

4. Glenn Coleman 21:08

5. John MacKenzie 21:50

6. Howard 21:51

7. Alister “Ali” Renwick 22:46

8. Ayako Yamakazi 22:57

9. Narcis Aron 24:24

10. Ashley 24:49

11. Bruce 25:13

12. Matt Ammer 25:20

13. Stephen Beckerle, 25:55

14. Danny Mitlof 26:57

15. Niels Dua 27:05

16. Michelle 27:41

17. Andrea 27:41

18. Dave Hall 28:58

19. Tracey 30:31

20. Pat Parietti 30:32

21. Wendy 31:40

22. Angela Hanson 33:13

23. Katie 36:02