Summer Track – That’s a Wrap

That’s a Wrap!

Rockland Road Runners toed the starting line at Albertus Magnus High School Track for the last time on Tuesday. Rest assured, we’ll be back next year.

Many thanks to Coach Ray Kondracki (and to Coach Jamie Kempton who pinch hit for Ray on several occasions). And a shout-out to the STAC Track and XC athletes and assistants who helped out, in particular the large contingent who kept time and cheered us on at the final 3-mile time trial. Special thanks to the two regulars, Ciara Durcan and Kieran Keenan who were there most days.

This was a full 14-weeks, with no sessions rained out.  Coach Ray provided a challenging and varied schedule of workouts. Two 3-mile Time Trials bookended our season with many runners showing significant improvement. The Prediction Mile was a fun challenge (thanks Tyler Perry for helping out there). Results for both of those are listed below.  We had a great turnout for the Perkins Run, on close to the longest day of the year.  And Jamie was able to hold his beloved Hill Repeats during the July 4th week.

Finally, huge appreciation to Gail Cirlin-Lazerus and Erik Lazerus, who volunteered their back yard for our post-track party.  It felt just like old times!

Want to keep running?

If you are not ready to end track workouts just yet, some informal groups get together at publicly accessible tracks in the area.  The “Outer Loop Group” usually runs on Tuesday evenings. That’s a private Google Group you can request to join and be added to their e-mail chain.  It’s not part of Rockland Road Runners, but many in the group are club members.

Our popular #BRUN group run continues all year, every Wednesday evening that the Bridge Path is open (which is most evenings). Come to our next Club Meeting, 7:00 at Growler and Gill in Nanuet on Monday September 18th and you may meet other runners who are just your pace, and looking for a training partner.

Hope to see you all back next year,

Bill Carpenter

President, Rockland Road Runners

Time Trial and Prediction Mile Results

Three-Mile  Time Trial

Tyler Perry again led the field, finishing in 18:08, which was 51 seconds ahead of his mark in May. Peggy Neil was the first women (and third overall) in 21:10. Timothy Yang was the best young runner, with a 20:30, improving by 1 minute and 18 seconds.

The most improved runners were JC Santa Teresa, who was a staggering 2:56 faster.  Angela Hanson improved by 2:32 – she has that NYC Marathon in her sights. And finally Niels Dua, another runner who looks stronger every week, was 2:23 ahead of his time in May.

A special mention to Dave Einhorn*, who couldn’t be at the track, but ran his own time trial earlier with a time of 23:04, an improvement of more than 5 minutes

Prediction Mile

The goal of the prediction mile is not to be the fastest (although that’s aways nice) but to accurately forecast your time without the benefit of clocks or watches to check your pace.

Ted Beckwith was the gold medalist with a 7:24 time, just six seconds off his 7:30 prediction. Patricia Piekarski was the silver medalist with a time of 8:36, nine seconds faster than her 8:45 prediction, and Kate Keller was bronze medalist with an 8:10, ten seconds off.

Results Listings

Time Trial

First Name Last Name Aug Place Aug Time May Place May TIme
Tyler Perry 1 0:18:08 1 0:18:59
Timothy Yang 2 0:20:30 6 0:21:48
Peggy Neil 3 0:21:10
Joe Saxton 4 0:21:55 8 0:23:09
Shane Hill 5 0:23:59 14 0:25:34
Matt Ammer 6 0:24:47 11 0:24:45
JC Santa Teresa 7 0:24:51 18 0:27:47
Kate Keller 8 0:25:21 15 0:26:25
William Carpenter 9 0:25:23 13 0:25:16
Michele Caton 10 0:25:35 12 0:24:52
Niels Dua 11 0:26:24 24 0:28:47
Narcis Aron 12 0:29:17
Maria Vestal 13 0:31:00 26 0:30:26
Angela Hanson 14 0:32:04 31 0:34:36
David Einhorn* 0:23:04 22 0:28:12


Prediction Mile

Peter Graham, 5:38
Ciara Durcan, 6:02
Peggy Neil, 6:41
Timothy Yang, 6:41
Chris, 6:41
Dave Einhorn, 6:49
JC Santa Teresa, 6:51
Joe Saxton, 6:58
Paul Velluci, 7:00
Nick Kydon,7:05
Shane Hill, 7:10
Ted Beckwith, 7:24
Matt Ammer, 7:46
Michele Caton, 7:53
Kate Keller, 8:10
Niels Dua, 8:29
Jonathan Kennard., 8:31
Bruce Meyer, 8:32
Patricia Piekarski, 8:36
Steve Beckerle, 8:38
Narcis Aron, 9:00
Angela Hanson, 11:42