By Jamie Kempton

On Saturday morning, Dec. 15, the George Wodicka Bench at Rockland Lake was dedicated before a gathering of friends and family members. The bench looks out upon the lake near the Fishing Station and provides a place for peaceful contemplation and social activity. Jesse Hackell and Bernie Casserly made the introductions and spoke about the origins of, and arrangements for, the bench. George’s daughter, Kristina, thanked RRR for having the bench built and spoke about the depth of his friendship with members of the club. Everyone in the group was encouraged to offer personal reminiscences of George and many took advantage of the opportunity to do so. George was known as the Guru of Rockland Lake and was a motivational mentor to many RRR members. The George Wodicka Inspiration Award is presented annually to the club member who best exemplifies the qualities that inspire and motivate those around them to keep running, and persevere against all odds.

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