John and Ann Singer recently stepped down after founding and leading the club’s Swifty Sixties division for seven years. Here is a note from “Team Singer” to the club.

Dear Jamie and RRR members and associates,
John and I were so pleased to accept the [RRCA] Volunteer Award last night [Jan. 9]. When John started running with the RRR team I remember bringing our small children to the races and feeling the comradeship and enthusiasm at each race not only with the runners who finished but with the very giving volunteers. To think one day with much encouragement from everyone I too would become a member of RRR and enjoy our club. Yes, we are in it for the long run. The Swifties Sixties’ longevity should be a game plan for our club. Run until there is not a single road left to run on. Many, many thanks for this wonderful acknowledgement of our commitment to a heathy lifestyle … even in our Medicare status. May all enjoy many miles with many smiles for 2013.
With our sincere thanks…Team Singer…

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