By Jamie Kempton

Club member JC Santa Teresa put the exclamation point on his 10-marathons-in-10-days challenge by completing the 10-10-10 Santa Teresa Marathon on March 25 at Rockland Lake. JC is using his marathons as a fund-raiser for breast cancer in honor of his mother, who has survived breast cancer, and the many women who have succumbed to this terrible illness. JC is raising funds through the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation. Those interested in donating to this cause can visit his funds page: Marathoner for the Cure

JC completed his 26.2-mile jaunt at Rockland Lake in 5 hours 56 minutes 18 seconds. The course consisted of 8.75 laps around the inner loop of the lake, and his laps splits were: 30:42 (first 2.8 miles), 1:07:58, 1:42:28, 2:19:20, 3:14:10, 3:58:30, 4:38:55, 5:18:18, and 5:56:18. RRR members took turns timing, counting laps, recording splits and providing refreshments for our intrepid – not to mention weary and very sore – long-distance stalwart. Steve Borton and Jamie Kempton got JC off and running on a cloudy, chilly Monday morning when wet snow was forecast but luckily never materialized. Steve and Benny Kim accompanied JC on his first couple rounds of the lake, then Marie “Grandma” Killeen and sidekick Enilda Indyk took over to monitor the aid station, give split times and the keep the lap countdown. John Melican came on in relief of Marie and Enilda, and “Johnny B. Fast” Singer then took the baton for the final shift and handled the aid-station duties until JC came chugging home accompanied by his younger daughter, Kara. JC’s wife Jeanette and older daughter Ashley were also part of the welcoming party, providing moral support and an emotional lift to the Marathon Man, and Enilda and Jamie rounded out the finish-line support crew. Kenny Kinsley stopped by earlier in the race to offer additional encouragement.

The 10-10-10 Santa Teresa trek was the last leg of a journey that began March 16 in Washington, D.C. The travel logistics of JC’s odyssey were almost as daunting as the races themselves but he always got to the next destination in time for that day’s race. Los Angeles was on Day Two, then came the five races constituting the Dust Bowl Series – Monday in Dalhart, Texas; Tuesday in Guymon, Oklahoma; Wednesday in Ulysses, Kansas; Thursday in Lamar, Colorado; and Friday in Clayton, New Mexico. A long schlep ensued before JC took to the starting line in Augusta, N.J., for the New Jersey Ultra Festival Marathon on Saturday, followed by a southern swing to Reston, Va., for the Runners Marathon on Sunday.

Ten marathons – 262 miles – in 10 days, in 10 different states. Congratulations JC on a job well done!

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