Note: This report was updated April 17 to reflect the addition of Narcis Aron to the list of RRR finishers.

By Jamie Kempton

The club reached out to RRR members who were competing in Monday’s 117th Boston Marathon and all reports indicate that no club members were injured or affected by the horrific explosions occurring near the finish line.

We heard from Alan Young, Wojciech Cieszkowski, Matthew Goldstein, Bernie and Josephine Patten, Mike Nusblat, Pat Parietti, Steve Joseph and Narcis Aron. All emerged unscathed from the terrible event and completed the course without incident.

Alan’s net time was 3:00:39, just missing breaking the 3-hour mark. Wojciech clocked in at 3:13:36, followed by Matthew at 3:16:58, Bernie and Josephine, 3:36:46; Mike Nusblat, 3:47:21; Pat Parietti, 3:51:55; Steve Joseph, 3:52:19; Narcis Aron, 3:55:59.

If anyone knows of other club members who participated, or of family members or friends who may have been affected by the events Monday, please contact Jamie at

Congratulations to all of our members for their strong efforts under trying circumstances, on a day we will never forget.

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