The Athlete Recovery Center in Piermont will be offering a 12 week Adventure Racing program for athletes looking to enhance their off season training. The program offers a great mix of cross training and incorporates some good trail running for those interested.

From Athlete Recovery Center:

As the weather starts to turn colder and most of us are recovering from our race season, coaches and sports physiologists agree that the “off months” are a good time to work on muscular and cardiovascular endurance while protecting joints and tendons. What this means is longer, slower and less intense workouts. This is what’s known as the critical, distance or aerobic phase of our training routine.

Adventure Racing puts together all of the disciplines that we thrive on particpating in, adds in some new ones and does it all in the unique setting of the outdoor environment local to us here in Piermont.

This program will not only be a perfect compliment to your regular off season training but will also prove to be some of the most fun and challenging training that you will have the opportunity to participate in. We are proud to bring such a unique offering to the area and we know that it’s something everyone will be talking about.

All details and signup are available at Athlete Recovery Center: Recovery Adventure Racing!

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