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Starting Out on the “Race of the Living Damned”

It rained lightly in the night before the First Annual Irishman’s Suffern to Bear Mountain Trail Run in Harriman State Park, New York.   Most people would not think much of it, but with all leaves down during the annual fall tree release, footing would be treacherous.  Nevertheless, on a crisp, cloudless Saturday morning in November, six runners set out to run the south-to-north length of Harriman State Park, following the length of the Suffern-Bear Mountain trail, ending with an ascent of Bear Mountain and back down to Bear Mountain Inn — a total of 23.5 miles.

Early Treacherousness on The Irishman’s Run

“For experienced trail runners only: Twenty-four miles of very difficult, single-track trail will challenge you … Expect trail times between 6 to 8 hours for the inaugural Irishman’s Suffern to Bear Mountain Run. Not for the casual runner!

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