January 8th, 2014 is Take the Stairs Day!

The first annual Take the Stairs Day was January 9, 2013. The USA Stair Climbing Association declared the 2nd Wednesday in January as the annual Take the Stairs Day for all of us to take the stairs rather than the elevator or escalator. They remind us that we don’t need any special equipment and we can do it indoors, out of the weather. Stairs are a great way to add intensity to our running workout. (Especially with the weather that we currently have outside, doing some stair climbing is a great way to maintain the fitness condition!)

Thanks to RRR Member, Bruce Yang, for showing us just how great stair climbing can be! He will be “running” the 2014 ESBRU again this year. We look forward to hearing more about his 2014 stair climbing expeditions!

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