RRR will have a booth setup at the Nyack Street Fair on Sunday July 13th! The goal is to spread the word about RRR and let people know loud and clear that We Run Rockland! We’re looking for some people to help out so get excited and speak up! We will need the following:

Before: Do you like doing crafty stuff, making things look great, and preparing to amaze everyone? Help out in the weeks leading up to the street fair. We’ll coordinate some times to meet up so we can plan and implement creative strategies!

During: Are you constantly telling friends and family to come run with you? Are you a “people person”? Do you have that dazzling personality that captures a crowds attention? Then come out on street fair day and turn some heads! Talk to people, hand out fliers, promote club events, and let all of Nyack know how awesome we are! We’ll make sure that everyone in the RRR booth is decked out in RRR apparel so we all look great (and well coordinated).

After: Don’t want to deal with the whole production but still want to help out? Come by at the end of the day and help us break everything down, clean up, and get back to our normal lives (so we can still get an evening run in).

By this point it’s probably hard to contain yourself, so send an email to Jonathan and let him know how you want to help! Come have a good time and let the whole county know how great your running club is!


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